Type Species

Leptodiscus larvalis Bukry & Bramlette, 1969


Leptodiscus Bukry & Bramlette, 1969

Pedinocyclus replaces the name Leptodiscus because preoccupied by a dinoflagellate Leptodiscus Hertwig, 1877


Bukry, D. & Bramlette, M. N., (1969): Some new and stratigraphically useful calcareous nannofossils of the Cenozoic. - Tulane Studies in Geology. 7: 131-142.

Bukry, D. & Bramlette, M. N., (1971): Validation of Pedinocyclus and Quinquerhabdus new calcareous nannoplankton genera. - Tulane Studies in Geology and Paleontology. 8: 122-122.