Type Species

Ilselithina iris Stradner in Stradner and Adamiker, 1966


Small coccolith having a single cycle shield made up of about 16 to 28 segments which are non-birefringent in plan view in polarised light. The inner ends of every other segment create tulip-like distal processes [about 8 to 14]. Distal processes are distended at their base without any gap and appear birefringent in plan view in polarised light. On a side view, the entire coccolith is birefringent in polarised light and resembles a pair of wish-bones.


It looks different than any other genera known. Currently, only two species are known and distinguished by the presence or absence of slits between the segments of the shield.


Stradner, H. & Adamiker, D., (1966): Nannofossilien aus Bohrkernen und ihre elektronenmikroskopische Bearbeitung. - Erdoel-Erdgas Zeitschrift. 82: 330-341.