Type Species

Heliorthus tenuis Stradner, 1961


Cruciolithus Stradner, 1968

Catostaura Aubry & Bord, 2009

Cruciplectus Aubry in Aubry & Bord, 2009

Stauronertha Aubry & Bord 2009


Elliptical to circular placolith having a birefringent tube cycle and a proximal shield and often birefringent axial cross.


Cruciplacolithus differs from Coccolithus Schwarz (1894), Chiasmolithus Hay, Mohler & Wade, (1966) and Sullivania Varol (1992) by having an axial cross. Coccolithus lack of central structure but both Sullivania and Chiasmolithus have a diagonal cross in the central area.


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