Type Species

Wisea sanjuanensis Lees, Schueth & Howe in Schueth & Lees, 2019


Loxolith has a birefringent single broad protolith wall and a central area with distal process.


Lees, J. A., Schueth, J., 2020. Taxonomic note – New Upper Cretaceous nannofossil taxa from the Turonian of New Mexico, USA. Journal of Nannoplankton Research 30(1), 81-82.

Schueth, J. D., Lees, J. A., 2019. Pioneer nannofossil assemblages from the initial transgression of the Niobrara seaway in the Turonian, San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA. Marine Micropaleontology 151, 1-12.