New Paleocene Calcareous Nannofossils: Carlamuelleria, Davidbukrya, Mauriceblackia, Noelia and Senelia

Osman Varol


Selected Paleocene calcareous nannofossils were studied using mobile mounts, allowing analysis of their
structural units, optical properties, and the establishment of a new family; Carlamuelleraceae and five new
genera; Carlamuelleria, Davidbukrya, Mauriceblackia, Noelia, and Senelia. The following twelve new species; Carlamuelleria karacuhae, Carlamuelleria katapliktikos, Carlamuelleria tuezueniorum, Davidbukrya claracirculus,
Davidbukrya clemencesalleyae, Davidbukrya perchnielseniae, Discoaster bordii, Noelia kolona, Noelia mahaniae, Noelia uenverdii, Senelia perifanos
and Senelia plevrotos are also described. Three new combinations are introduced: Carlamuelleria bramlettei, Davidbukrya perpolitus and Mauriceblackia media. The stratigraphic ranges of the new species and their speculative evolutionary trends are presented.

Keywords: Paleocene, Taxonomy, StratigraphyEvolutionary trends, New taxa, Mobile mount, Optical properties