Type Species

Ceratolithus cristatus Kamptner, 1950


Strongly birefringent ceratolith having tangential c-axis [c-axis is in the plane of a horseshoe but perpendicular to length]. The ornamentations may be present on the horns.


Ceratolithus differs from Amaurolithus by being strongly birefringent, whereas the latter is non-birefringent under polarised light. Ceratolithus are identified based on the overall shape, development of the apical area, spur and keels.


Kamptner, E., (1950): Über den submikroskopischen Aufbau der Coccolithen. - Anzeiger der Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften, Mathematische-Naturwissenschafliche Klasse, Wien. 87: 152-158.