Final Epithet
Biantholithus hughesii Varol, 1989

Biantholithus hughesii Varol, 1989


Species of Biantholithus Bramlette & Martini (1964) having six segments with free lengths.


Bramlette, M. N. & Martini, E., (1964): The great change in calcareous nannoplankton fossils between the Maastrichtian and Danian. - Micropaleontology. 10(2): 291-322.

Varol, O., (1989): Palaeocene calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy. In, Crux, J. A. & van Heck, S. E. (eds) Nannofossils and their applications: Proceedings of the 2nd INA Conference, London 1987. - British Micropalaeontological Society Publication Series. 265-310.