Final Epithet
Chiasmolithus oamaruensis (Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert, 1954) Hay et al., 1966

Tremalithus oamaruensis Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert, 1954

[Valid according to ICN Art. 45 because originally described using ICZN codes by Deflandre (1954). The Code used by Deflandre (1954) is determined "through internal evidence, irrespective of any claim by the author as to the group of organisms to which the taxon is assigned"].


Species of Chiasmolithus has a large symmetrical diagonal central cross; the arms form an acute angle along the short axis.


Deflandre, G., Fert, C., 1954. Observations sur les coccolithophoridés actuels et fossiles en microscopie ordinaire et électronique. Annales de Paléontologie 40, 115-176.

Hay, W. W., Mohler, H. P., Wade, M. E., 1966. Calcareous nannofossils from Nal'chik (northwest Caucasus). Eclogae Geologicae Helvetiae 59, 379-399.