Final Epithet
Clausicoccus singularis (Perch-Nielsen, 1971c) Prins, 1979

Ericsonia? singularis Perch-Nielsen 1971c


Clausibella singularis (Perch-Nielsen 1971c) Aubry in Aubry & Bord, 2009


Species of Clausicoccus Prins (1979) larger than 6.0 µm and having a central area with large pores arranged in two complete concentric cycles.


Aubry, M. -P., Bord, D., 2009. Reshuffling the cards in the photic zone at the Eocene/Oligocene boundary. In: Koeberl, C., Montanari, A. (eds), The Late Eocene Earth-Hothouse, Icehouse, and Impacts. Geological Society of America, Special Papers 452, 279-301.

Perch-Nielsen, K., 1971c. Elektronenmikroskopische untersuchungen an Coccolithen und verwandten Formen aus dem Eozan von Danemark. Biologiske Skrifter, Kongelige Danske Videnskabernes Selskab. 18(3), 1-76.

Prins, B., 1979, Notes on nannology 1. Clausicoccus, a new genus of fossil Coccolithophorids. - INA Newsletter 1, N2-N4.