Set number: 286

  • Girgisia gammation 1969 1
  • Girgisia gammation 1970 2
Girgisia gammation, Middle Eocene, Pakistan
Final Epithet
Girgisia gammation (Bramlette & Sullivan, 1961) Varol, 1989

Coccolithites gammation Bramlette & Sullivan, 1961


Coccolithites gammation is valid according to ICN Art. 45 because originally described using ICZN codes by Bramlette & Sullivan (1961) [the Code used was clearly stated]


Circular placolith having a central area with a very bright central plug surrounded by an equally bright double tube cycle. The distal shield is deemed, but its segments are visible, whereas the slightly smaller proximal shield is bright under polarised light.


Bramlette, M. N. & Sullivan, F. R., (1961): Coccolithophorids and related nannoplankton of the Early Tertiary in California. - Micropaleontology. 7(2): 129-188.

Varol, O., (1989b): Eocene calcareous nannofossils from Sile (northwest Turkey). - Revista Española de Micropaleontología. 21: 273-320.