Type Species

Discolithus cryptochondrus Stover, 1966


After J G Hattner, Nannofossil specialist (Florida, USA), for his contribution to the taxonomy of Late Cretaceous nannofossils.


The taxonomic problem of Reinhardtites was discussed by Hattner & Wise (1980). In summary, the type specimen of Reinhardtites (Rhabdolithus anthophorus) is a loxolith with a non-birefringent outer wall, birefringent inner wall, and a diagonal bar supporting a distal process with calyx (eight segments). Reinhardtites anthophorus = Zeugrhabdotus presigmoides.

All the remaining species erroneously assigned to Reinhardtiets are here re-assigned to Hattneria, having a single narrow wall wide distal plate lining and a bridge with the distally tapering process without calyx (all non-birefringent). Fluted structures are characteristic of these forms and can be found at the contact between the wall and the distal plate lining.


Species assigned to Hattneria here have been traditionally erroneously placed in Reinhardtites Perch-Nielsen, 1968 but Hatter and Wise, 1980 proved beyond doubt that the forms assigned to Hattneria are not related Reinhardtites. In turn, Rhabdolithus anthophorus was erroneously assigned to Zeugrhabdotus presigmoides by Burnett, 1997.


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