Set number: 10

  • Scampanella bispinosa 9639 1
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9637 2
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9642 3
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9636 4
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9640 5
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9638 6
  • Scampanella bispinosa 9641 7
Scampanella bispinosa, Late Albian, Folkestone, England
Final Epithet
Scampanella bispinosa Perch-Nielsen in Perch-Nielsen & Franz, 1977

Scampanella bispinosa Perch-Nielsen in Perch-Nielsen & Franz, 1977


Very tall species of Scampanella have a very high distal tier with smooth parallel sides and a very low cone with possibly two spines. The ratio of height to the width of species [excluding spines and collar] is between 1.5 to 2.0 whiles the ratio of distal tier to the cone is about 3.

The dimensions of the Scampanella bispinosa and Scampanella wisei Perch-Nielsen in Perch-Nielsen & Franz, (1977) are very similar without spines. They can not be separated if the spines are removed by adverse preservational conditions. If the spines are preserved, Scampanella bispinosa has 2 spines [1 vertical and 1 at about 45°] whilst Scampanella wisei has 3 asymmetrically arranged spines.


Perch-Nielsen, K., Franz, H. E., 1977. Lapideacassis and Scampanella, calcareous nannofossils from the Paleocene at sites 354 and 356, DSDP Leg 39, Southern Atlantic. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 39, 849-862.