Set number: 9

  • Scampanella cornuta 28783 1
  • Scampanella cornuta 28781 2
  • Scampanella cornuta 28785 3
  • Scampanella cornuta 28788 4
  • Scampanella cornuta 28782 5
  • Scampanella cornuta 28780 6
  • Scampanella cornuta 28784 7
  • Scampanella cornuta 28786 8
Scampanella cornuta, Late Campanian, DSDP Leg 36, Site 327A, The Maurice Ewing Bank, Falkland Plateau
Final Epithet
Scampanella cornuta Forchheimer & Stradner, 1973

Scampanella cornuta Forchheimer & Stradner, 1973


Species of Scampanella have a distal tier with smooth parallel sides and a very low cone with two spines at about 45°. The ratio of height to the width of species [excluding spines and collar] is between 1.5 to 2.0 whiles the ratio of distal tier to the cone is about 2.0. The specimen illustrated here has only one spine at 45° and the other spine is possibly broken off. All the dimensions of the illustrated specimen are compatible with holotype measurements [without spines].

Scampanella cornuta is distinguished from Scampanella magnifica Perch-Nielsen in Perch-Nielsen & Franz (1977) and Scampanella asymmetrica Perch-Nielsen in Perch-Nielsen & Franz (1977) by having 2 spines at about 45° whereas the latter species has only one amalgamated spine aligned with the length of the species. Moreover, Scampanella asymmetrica further differentiated from Scampanella cornuta by being asymmetrical and having a ratio of height to width [excluding spines and collar] over 2 whereas Scampanella cornuta has between 1.5-2.0. The ratio of distal tier to the cone is about 1.2 in Scampanella magnifica whilst it is about 2 in Scampanella cornuta.


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Perch-Nielsen, K., Franz, H. E., 1977. Lapideacassis and Scampanella, calcareous nannofossils from the Paleocene at sites 354 and 356, DSDP Leg 39, Southern Atlantic. Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project 39, 849-862.