Final Epithet
Sphenolithus strigosus Bown & Dunkley Jones, 2006

Sphenolithus strigosus Bown & Dunkley Jones, 2006


The apical spine of Sphenolithus strigosus has an inclined extinction (extinction angle at 45°), whereas the apical spine of Sphenolithus runus has parallel extinction (extinction angle is 0°). The apical spines of Furcatolithus obtusus have oblique extinction (extinction angle is about 22°).

The distally gently tapering apical spine (also shoving an inclined extinction) has flat proximal and distal ends in Sphenolithus cubaensis. Sphenolithus strigosus has a strongly distally tapering apical spine with obtuse proximal and pointed distal ends.


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