Set number: 1422

  • Tenebrislaminam eaquiscutum 29838 1
  • Tenebrislaminam eaquiscutum 29837 2
  • Tenebrislaminam eaquiscutum 29842 3
  • Tenebrislaminam eaquiscutum 29839 4
Tenebrislaminam lordii, Middle Miocene, Malta

Set number: 1028

  • Tenebrislaminam lordii 1466 2 1
Tenebrislaminam lordii, Early Pliocene, Antalya Basin, Turkey

Set number: 1030

  • Geminilithella lordii 1149 25 1
  • T lordii 1080 20 2
Tenebrislaminam lordii
Final Epithet
Tenebrislaminam lordii (Varol, 1982) Varol, n. comb.

Umbilicosphaera lordi Varol, 1982


Geminilithella lordii (Varol, 1982) Varol, 1989, Invalid ICN Art. 35.1

Dimensions Of Holotype

The correct size of the holotype is 8.04µm. All the magnifications in Varol (1982) should be about two times the size indicated [this was caused by the 50% reduction from original plates to published plates].


Large (>7.0µm), circular species of Tenebrislaminam Varol (in prep.) have a wide central area surrounded by narrow birefringent beaded segments and equal diameter non-birefringent single cycle proximal and shields. The tube cycle is indistinct. The distal shield is made up of strongly imbricated segments (sutures display left-handed inclination), whilst the proximal shield consists of non-imbricated segments with almost radial sutures. The segments of the proximal shield and the distal shield are thickened around the central opening.


Tenebrislaminam lordii is distinguished from Tenebrislaminam eaquiscutum (Gartner, 1967) Varol, n. comb. by being larger than 7.0µm. It differs from Tenebrislaminam jafarii by its larger size and having a larger central opening.


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Varol, O., (1982): Calcareous nannofossils from the Antalya Basin, Turkey. - Neues Jahrbuch für Geologie und Paläontologie, Monatshefte. 4: 244-256.