Set number: 403

  • Cyclicargolithus abisectus 425 1
  • Cyclicargolithus abisectus 426 2
Cyclicargolithus abisectus, Middle Miocene, Malta
Final Epithet
Cyclicargolithus abisectus (Muller, 1970a) Wise, 1973

Coccolithus? abisectus Muller, 1970a


Large species of Cyclicargolithus Bukry, 1971b having size ranges between 10.5 µm and 14.0 µm. This definition is consistent with the size of the holotype (calculated size is 10.5 µm).


Cyclicargolithus abisectus differs from Cyclicargolithus neogammation (Bramlette & Wilcoxon, 1967) Bukry, 1971b by being greater than 10.5, whereas the size of the latter is less than 10.5µm


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