Set number: 400

  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 2428 1
  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 2429 2
Cyclicargolithus floridanus, Late Oligocene, Angola, West Africa

Set number: 399

  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 2414 1
  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 2415 2
Cyclicargolithus floridanus, Late Oligocene, Angola, West Africa

Set number: 762

  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 1150 18 1
Cyclicargolithus floridanus, Middle Miocene, Adana Basin, Turkey

Set number: 763

  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 1215 21 1
  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 1264 20 anba 2
  • Cyclicargolithus floridanus 1264 21 anba 3
Cyclicargolithus floridanus

1. Adana Basin, Middle Miocene, 45.0µm

2. Silifke, Turkey, Middle Miocene, 4.0µm

3. Silifke, Turkey, Middle Miocene, 4.2µm

Final Epithet
Cyclicargolithus floridanus (Roth & Hay in Hay et al., 1967) Bukry, 1971b

Coccolithus floridanus Roth & Hay in Hay et al., 1967


Small species (<6.0 µm) of Cyclicargolithus Bukry, 1971b having a small central opening, often with a distinct tube cycle. This definition is consistent with the holotype's size (individual specimens are 3.0 µm whilst the whole coccosphere is 6.0 µm).


Cyclicargolithus floridanus differs from Cyclicargolithus neogammation (Bramlette & Wilcoxon, 1967) Bukry 1971b by being smaller than 6.0µm whilst the size of the latter is between 6.0 and 10.5µm


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