Set number: 1137

  • Discoaster cf nephados VR 02751 1
  • Discoaster cf nephados VR 02752 2
  • Discoaster cf nephados VR 02754 3
  • Discoaster cf nephados VR 02753 4
Discoaster cf_nephados, Middle Eocene, DSDP Leg 39, Sites 356, Sào Paulo Plateau, South Atlantic Ocean
Final Epithet
Discoaster cf.nephados Hay in Hay et al., 1967

Discoaster nephados Hay in Hay et al., 1967


Hay, W. W., Mohler, H. P., Roth, P. H., Schmidt, R. R. & Boudreaux, J. E., (1967): Calcareous nannoplankton zonation of the Cenozoic of the Gulf Coast and Caribbean-Antillean area, and transoceanic correlation. - Transactions of the Gulf-Coast Association of Geological Societies. 17: 428-480.