Final Epithet
Blackites gladius (Locker, 1967) Varol, 1989

Rhabdosphaera gladius Locker, 1967


Species of Blackites Hay & Towe (1962) having a broad hollow distal process inflated near the distal end before tapering to a point. A distinct collar attached to the base of the hollow distal process. The cross-hatched pattern at the inflated part of the distal process is diagnostic for this species. The width of the distal process at its widest point is less than the diameter of the complete base.


Blackites gladius differs from Blackites creber (Deflandre in Deflandre & Fert, 1954) Sherwood (1974) by having a broader, more inflated distal process, but some intermediate forms are present. It is distinguished from Blackites rotundus Bown (2005) by having a less globular distal process


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