Final Epithet
Blackites globosus Bown, 2005

Blackites globosus Bown, 2005


Species of Blackites Hay & Towe (1962) having distal process narrow at the base and almost spherical distally. The distal end of the sphere is pinched. The cross-hatched pattern at the spherical part of the distal process is diagnostic for this form.

Invalid according to ICN Art. 40, because the holotype in the text and the plate is different.


Blackites globulus differs from Blackites bullatus Bown (2005) and Blackites rotundus Bown (2005) by its almost spherical distal end of the distal process with a cross-hatched pattern. The consistent differentiation of Blackites globulus from Blackites bullatus and Blackites rotundus is challenging; all three forms have similar stratigraphic ranges


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