Set number: 1112

  • Blackites incompertus VR 02978 1
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02981 2
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02983 3
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02988 4
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02979 5
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02980 6
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02982 7
  • Blackites incompertus VR 02984 8
Blackites incompertus, Middle Eocene, DSDP Leg 39, Sites 356, Sào Paulo Plateau, South Atlantic Ocean
Final Epithet
Blackites incompertus Roth, 1970

Blackites incompertus Roth, 1970


Species of Blackites Blackites Hay & Towe (1962) with a narrow base. The long and narrow distal process tapers to a point [always slightly broaden at the middle but never as broad as the base]. The inner cycles of the base are birefringent in the side view. The surface of the distal process is smooth.

This species was erroneously assigned to Blackites tenuis (Bramlette & Sullivan, 1961) Sherwood (1974) in the publications.


Blackites incompertus is identified from Blackites tenuis by having a distal process slightly broaden in the middle, whereas the latter has a distal process that gradually tapers to a point.


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