Set number: 313

  • Helicosphaera truncata 360 1
  • Helicosphaera truncata 361 2
Helicosphaerella truncata, Late Oligocene, DSDP Leg 25, Site 242, Mozambique Channel (Davie Ridge), Indian Ocean
Final Epithet
Helicosphaerella truncata (Bramlette & Wilcoxon, 1967) Aubry, Liu, de Vargas, & Probert in Aubry & Bord, 2009

Helicosphaera truncata Bramlette & Wilcoxon, 1967


Sub-rectangular helicolith has an asymmetrical blanket (Type II, Helicosphaerella recta type), truncated flange termination and a central area with a large central opening spanned by a traverse conjunct bar.


Helicosphaerella truncata differs from Helicosphaerella recta (Haq, 1966) Aubry, Liu, de Vargas, & Probert in Aubry & Bord (2009) by having larger central pores.

It is distinguished from Helicosphaerella robinsoniae (Bown & Dunkley Jones, 2012) Varol, n. comb. by having a conjunct bar rather than a disjunct bar


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