Final Epithet
Helicosphaeroides heezenii (Bukry, 1971b) Aubry, Liu, de Vargas, & Probert in Aubry & Bord, 2009

Helicopontosphaera heezenii Bukry, 1971b


Helicosphaera heezenii (Bukry, 1971b) Jafar & Martini, 1975


Bukry, D., 1971b. Cenozoic calcareous nannofossils from the Pacific Ocean. - San Diego Society of Natural History Transactions 16, 303-327.

Jafar, S. A., Martini, E., 1975, On the validity of the calcareous nannoplankton genus Helicosphaera. Senckenbergiana Lethaea 56, 381-397.