Set number: 287

  • Helicosphaera magnifica 31 1
  • Helicosphaera magnifica 32 2
Helicosphaeroides magnifica, Early Miocene, Angola, West Africa
Final Epithet
Helicosphaeroides magnifica (Varol, 1989a) Varol, n. comb.

Helicosphaera magnifica Varol, 1989a


Helicosphaera sp. A Denne, 2008


Varol, O., 1989a. Calcareous nannofossil study of the central and western Solomon Islands. Vedder, J.G., Bruns, T.R., (eds.), Geology and offshore resources of Pacific island arc-Solomon Island and Bougainville, Papua New Guinea Regions: Houston, Texas, Circum-Pacific Council for Energy and Mineral Resources Earth Sciences Series vol. 12, pp. 239-268.

Denne, R. A., 2008. Utilizing abundance changes of new and non-standard calcareous nannofossil taxa to increase biostratigraphic resolution in expanded continental margin deposits: Examples from the Middle and Lower Miocene of the Gulf of Mexico. Transactions of the Gulf-Coast Association of Geological Societies 58, 227-239.