Set number: 307

  • Helicosphaera scissura 343 1
  • Helicosphaera scissura 344 2
Helicosphaeroides scissurus, Early Miocene, Offshore Libya

Set number: 305

  • Helicosphaera scissura 339 1
  • Helicosphaera scissura 340 2
Helicosphaeroides scissurus, Early Miocene, Offshore Libya
Final Epithet
Helicosphaeroides scissurus (Miller, 1981) Varol, n. comb.

Helicosphaera scissura Miller, 1981


Coccolithus pelagicus diademata Gardet, 1955


Helicolith has a Type I (Helicosphaeroides ampliaperta type) blanket, expanded wing termination and a central area with a narrow slit-like opening


Helicosphaeroides scissurus differs from Helicosphaeroides ampliaperta Bramlette & Wilcoxon (1967) Varol, n. comb. by having a narrow slit-like central opening instead of a wide elliptical or subcircular central opening.


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