Set number: 375

  • Coccolithus streckeri 312 1
  • Coccolithus streckeri 313 2
Coccolithus streckeri, Early Miocene, DSDP Leg 25, Site 242, Mozambique Channel (Davie Ridge), Indian Ocean

without diagonal bar

Final Epithet
Coccolithus streckeri Takayama & Sato, 1987

Coccolithus streckeri Takayama & Sato 1987


Medium to large size (4.0-10.0µm), elliptical species of Coccolithus Schwarz (1894) having a vast central opening often spanned by a diagonal bar.


Takayama, T. & Sato, T., (1987): Coccolith biostratigraphy of the North Atlantic Ocean, Deep Sea Drilling Project Leg 94. - Initial Reports of the Deep Sea Drilling Project. 94: 651-702.