Set number: 346

  • Helicosphaera acuta 2973 1
  • Helicosphaera acuta 2974 2
  • Helicosphaera acuta 2967 3
  • Helicosphaera acuta 2971 4
  • Helicosphaera acuta 2970 5
Helicosphaera acuta, Early Pleistocene, Gulf of Mexico
Final Epithet
Helicosphaera acuta Theodoridis, 1984

Helicosphaera acuta Theodoridis 1984


Elongated helicolith having a Type III (Helicosphaera carteri type) blanket, truncated flange termination and a central area with two inversely aligned pores.


Helicosphaera acuta differs from Helicosphaera burkei, Helicosphaera wallichii, Helicosphaera sellii and Helicosphaera inversa by having truncated flange termination and elongated shape.


Theodoridis, S., (1984): Calcareous nannofossil biostratigraphy of the Miocene and revision of the helicoliths and discoasters. - Utrecht Micropaleontological Bulletin. 32: 1-271.