Set number: 319

  • Helicosphaera euphratis 367 1
  • Helicosphaera euphratis 368 2
Helicosphaera euphratis, Late Oligocene, DSDP Leg 25, Site 242, Mozambique Channel (Davie Ridge), Indian Ocean
Final Epithet
Helicosphaera euphratis Haq, 1966

Helicosphaera euphratis Haq, 1966


Helicosphaera parallela Bramlette & Wilcoxon, 1967


Large helicolith having a Type III (Helicosphaera carteri type), an expanded flange termination and the central area with multi-segmented disjunct plate filling the entire central opening.


Helicosphaera euphratis differs from Helicosphaera intermedia Martini (1965) and Helicosphaera leesiae da Gama & Varol (2013) by having a multi-segmented disjunct plate instead of a disjunct bar in the central area.


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