Set number: 1006

  • Reticulofenestra rotaria 48892 1
  • Reticulofenestra rotaria 48893 2
  • Reticulofenestra rotaria 48895 3
  • Reticulofenestra rotaria 48894 4
Reticulofenestra rotaria, Late Miocene, Santos Basin, Brazil
Final Epithet
Reticulofenestra rotaria Theodoridis, 1984

Reticulofenestra rotaria Theodoridis, 1984


Medium size [5.0 - 8.0µm] circular species of Reiculofenestra Hay, Mohler & Wade (1966) having a wide central area whose diameter is about twice greater than the width of the pelaga.


Reticulofenestra rotaria can easily be distinguished from Reiculofenestra zancleana di Stefano & Sturiale (2010) by its narrower pelaga and wider central area.


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