Set number: 1005

  • Reticulofenestra rupeliensis 27469 1
  • Reticulofenestra rupeliensis 27470 2
  • Reticulofenestra rupeliensis 27472 3
  • Reticulofenestra rupeliensis 27471 4
Coccolithus rupeliensis, Middle Miocene, Malta

Set number: 1092

  • Rupeliensis 1
Reticulofenestra rupeliensis

Set number: 1059

  • Reticulofenestra rupeliensis 1132 9 1
Reticulofenestra rupeliensis, Middle Miocene, Malta
Final Epithet
Reticulofenestra rupeliensis (Müller, 1970) Varol, n. comb.

Coccolithus rupeliensis Müller,1970


Reticulofenestra kahniae de Kaenel & Bergen in Boesiger et al., 2017

Dimensions Of Holotype

The calculated size of the holotype is 10.0µm.


Large [8.0 - 12.0 µm], circular species of Reticulofenestra Hay, Mohler & Wade (1966) have a featureless central area wider than the width of the pelaga. The tube cycle is narrow and indistinct.


Reticulofenestra rupeliensis differs from other circular species Reticulofenestra bukryi Wise (1973), Reticulofenestra pospichalii de Kaenel & Bergen, in Boesiger et al. (2017) and Reticulofenestra wisei Varol, in prep. by being greater than 8.0µm.


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